Aıdat (Hadamat) Arrangement

Dear residents,

After the 2022 operating project was prepared, electricity unit prices were increased twice, and the reflection of these hikes on the common area bills was 127%. As you know, there has been a serious increase in the prices of consumables during this period. With the new regulations regarding the minimum wage effective from July, personnel expenses have also increased. Due to these unexpected developments, the 2022 budget published in January was insufficient to meet the needs of our site.

In order to meet these unforeseen expense increases, to avoid any disruptions in paying electricity, water and natural gas bills, SSI premiums and concise payments, repair-maintenance and service expenses, and personnel salaries, and to maintain the peace and comfort we have on our site, we will continue to work on our website in July 2022. It was necessary to prepare a new budget for the December period.

You can see the new subscription fees, which are prepared in accordance with Article 20 of the Condominium Ownership Law and valid as of 1 July 2022, in the table below. With this new six-month operating project, the annual budget published in January 2022 has been revised.

While calculating the new budget, since the common area electricity expenses are calculated by taking the average of the previous 6 months as a reference, electricity difference debiting will not be made unless there is a change in the electricity unit prices until the end of the year.

It is very important that the dues payments are made by the 5th of each month in order not to disrupt our services and activities.

In this period, when these unexpected price increases disturbed all of us, significant savings were achieved by restricting many expenses, especially electricity consumption. You can share your negativities and wishes/complaints with us on the WhatsApp line at +905498707499 or by writing to the e-mail adress or by downloading the Bizimevler 6 Site Management mobile application to your phone. You can follow all the announcements about our site on the bulletin boards and on our website.

We wish you healthy and peaceful days as a family and present our respects.

Murat Odabaş

Chairman of the Board